Everything You Need To Know About Onboarding A 1099 Employee

contractor onboarding checklist

If so, they’re probably not eligible for a 1099 employee classification. Most freelancers typically work for multiple clients over the course of any given year. In order to retain their full-time services, you’ll need to make them a full-fledged employee.

 Identify who will take the new hire to lunch on their first day.  Send a notice out to your company letting them know about your new hire. Workest is here to empower small business with news, information, trends, and community.

A card swipe, a phone tap, or a button click, and you are done. Tax form if applicable and required in your or freelancer’s jurisdiction. We break these down below with some extra freelancer onboarding best practices for each stage. Onboarding is a system https://wave-accounting.net/ of consecutive steps each party — the freelancer and the client — has to complete. Data from all over the world says that the demand for freelance services is up. Globally, 45% of freelancerssaw an uptick in demand for their services last year.

Contract Staffing

You do, however, hear quite a bit about those who are making it absolutely pain free. An online onboarding flow that’s seamless will give you technical prestige as a company. We’ll be covering how to create an excellent online onboarding program for your contractors. A startling statistic is that 28 percent of new employees quit within the first 90 days. The cost of rehiring positions can be extremely high and you need to take into account the time spent on training both employees as well as the work that is not getting done in the meantime.

contractor onboarding checklist

A large part of your new hire checklist template will be made up of company policies and standards you want your new hire to be aware of before they start working. These could include your company’s policies on discipline, smoking, absenteeism, personal use of equipment, drugs and alcohol, conflict of interest, and overtime. You have desired standards for your business and it’s important your new hire is part of meeting this standard. Whether you hire an IT services company to manager onboarding for you, or spend real time creating a formal process, your investment will pay off in the long run. Your company will get the most out of contract IT workers, and IT managers will get back valuable time.

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Many staffing services offer employee portals with PDF versions of their employee handbooks for easy access. Once a project is underway, it’s easy for both you and the contractor to just assume everything’s going as planned. But within that first week, make sure you keep the lines of communication open. On the first day, it’s a good idea to do a quick refresher of the project at hand. This is particularly helpful if some time has passed from the time you originally agreed to hire them and the actual start date. A permanent employee may have the luxury of waiting a couple of weeks before diving nose deep into the work pile.

Your contractor can refer to contracts, their insurance benefits, and payroll management as well. An independent contractor is hired to fire right off the bat. Unlike a permanent employee, a contractor has no cooling period where they get opportunities to learn more about the workflow and the processes. Thus, when onboarding your contractor, you should be extra prepared. Surprisingly, many companies don’t even have a structured training program for contractors to familiarize themselves with their work. As a result, contractors face several job risks and compliance expectations.

A Spring Hiring Toolkit with steps required to onboard your Spring candidate has been created and posted above to assist departments when hiring FWS employees. If the student is performing the same job functions on the student employee record during breaks from the FWS record, the rate of pay MUST be the same for both. FWS posting rate of pay are assigned by Student & Alumni Employment-HR based on specific responsibilities and qualifications stipulated in the job description. In addition to being signed up for New Employee Orientation, we highly encourage you to create a specialized onboarding for your new employees. Please work with the Talent Acquisition and Management Team and your department’s HR Liaison to make your employee’s first day special! This shouldn’t be a rigid rule, but rather one of the contractor onboarding best practices for longer, more complex projects.

Some companies use this agreement to replace the non-compete prohibited by the law. Specifically, the contractor agreement protects both parties from worker misclassification by explaining the details of the contractor’s status.

contractor onboarding checklist

Or access to the internal brainstorming your team did earlier. After your freelancer went through all the project deets, offer to host a short quick-off meeting. Supporting project information — briefs, documentation, technical guides, style guides, and other relevant docs, neatly organized in one place. With freelancers, you don’t have the luxury of several weeks for doing the ‘meet and greet’.

The Necessary Documentation

There is so much to settle, like contracts, federal paperwork, and payment details. It can be easy for these items to fall through the cracks if you aren’t careful. We encourage you to create a simple contractor onboarding checklist to make sure that you have everything you need before you start working with someone long-term. This is the process for temporary employees, contract workers, and freelancers to get acclimated to your company, culture, and priorities.

  • Give ongoing reviews and establish high-level goals and deliverables for 6-9 month intervals.
  • It would be embarrassing not to have a workstation or training instructions for a contractor’s first day at the office.
  • Your orientation will likely include some complex information that applies to a worker’s role and location.
  • Show what types of results your team got on previous campaigns and explain how you got there.
  • A company needs to have a plan in place for what they will provide, what the agency will provide, and what the contractor will be expected to have.
  • If the student is performing the same job functions on the student employee record during breaks from the FWS record, the rate of pay MUST be the same for both.
  • HR Cloud’s Onboard is market leading technology for effective new hire onboarding and Workmates enables employee engagement simply and easily.

Once a candidate is selected please contact your recruiter and they will contact the finalist for next steps. Please refrain from contacting the candidate until the official offer is extended. Your recruiter will post the position on FIU and any other industry specific sites that will allow us to reach the best pool of candidates. Host a kick-off meeting to further orient contractor onboarding checklist your new hire and answer their questions. Show what types of results your team got on previous campaigns and explain how you got there. This gives your freelancer another reference point and helps them replicate your results (and perhaps even top them!). Access to tools and tech — share log-in details to the necessary tools or send over invites to guest accounts.

Checklist For Onboarding Contract And Freelance Employees

Discuss/identify training and development activities for new staff member to participate in. Request building access and keys from local building access/key card manager. Complete Onboarding Service Request Form to notify IT that a new employee has been hired and request service/support. Be sure to broadcast their first successful year at the company.

Since the process is embedded in their website, their shoppers never even have to navigate to another page. For example, you may ask a contractor to fill out an application, and then fill out a survey, and then sign up for a newletter, and then print out and sign an application. By eliminating or automating even one extra step, you can make the process more digestible.

New Workers And Contractors Will Provide

This may include blog posts about company milestones, the CEO’s video diaries, an online onboarding portal, or a glossary of company acronyms. For regular employees, Canadian businesses will need to record their new employee’s Social Insurance Number and get them to complete a Form TD1 to keep in your records. For U.S. businesses, you’ll need to record a new employee’s Social Security Number and have a completed W-4 and I-9 on file. For some states, you will be required to report a new hire to the state department. But it doesn’t hurt to take a page from companies like Sprig, Doordash, Postmates, Uber, Lyft, WeWork, andHandy. These are all companies that successfully hire large numbers of contractors to support their business ventures.

Establish a one-month check-in and informal review to ensure team members are finding the resources they need to succeed and hit benchmarks. Promote inclusivity to help all newer employees feel socially connected to staff both old and new. Plan a social interaction like a team lunch — or virtual meet up — for new hires on their first day to get to know them better. Invite employees to join the onboarding collaboration system — or kanban board — to see where they are in the process. An electronic handbook outlining a summary of job expectations and any boundaries around their new position can set them up for success right away.

  • Please work with the Talent Acquisition and Management Team and your department’s HR Liaison to make your employee’s first day special!
  • Paid time off, health insurance and expense reimbursements are all signs of regular employment.
  • Get a detailed breakdown of how to draft a written contract and the importance of avoiding contract templates.
  • Companies use the 1099-NEC to report payments they made to each independent contractor within a tax year.
  • Once you have all your documentation laid out, share it with your contractors before they start working so they have a chance to review it.

They can then get a high-level view of the company to understand where they fit in. Before the new hire’s first day on the job be sure to do a thorough background check of the new hire, including contacting their references. Your new hire checklist template should require your new hire to bring appropriate forms of identification on the first day of work. If you hire a contractor through YouTeam, we provide a list of guidelines for getting started with a contract developer. After signing the hiring agreement, we ask for a manager on the client’s side who will be responsible for the onboarding process. And while onboarding and training a new employee costs you a little time and effort, skipping this process can cost you significant time and money.


Team integration is an essential part of the staffing onboarding process. And finding people who work together well and brings their strengths to the table is only a piece of the puzzle. Starting with the candidate experience, once an employee is selected and an offer is accepted, the staffing onboarding process has already begun.

If your Budget Manager approves to hire them on a Temporary Appointment, then you must advertise the position and start the Hiring Temporary Employee recruitment process. They will be subject to clear a level I or II background check .

Our legal partners are our watchdogs and are on the lookout for changes in compliance and labor laws 24/7. Give them the information they need to know right away. An onboarding software like Multiplier would help here.

Related Checklists

Employees get a W-2 tax form and are responsible for how they choose to file their taxes, while independent contractors are responsible for withholding their own taxes via a 1099 form. Therefore, providing a W-9 form rather than a 1099 is indicative that the worker is not a full-time or temporary employee but a contractor. Your new hire checklist template should be designed with the goal in mind of giving new hires a warm welcome. You should ensure your new hire feels that they are part of your company culture. You should introduce your new hire to their fellow workers and if possible a member of senior management, ideally the CEO.

Promoting employee awareness on safety regulations is important during onboarding. Record completion of employee’s requirements and affix digital signature to confirm understanding of onboarding process. Independent contractors are also not eligible for certain things that employees are, such as health benefits and employee bonuses.

Easy Administration

The first impression is shaped by perceptions, social media, reviews, and more. From the moment they start, they are putting everything they know in context. It is important to manage that context whether you’re onboarding for temporary employees, contractors, or full-time team members. A contractor onboarding is a set of processes or activities that is aimed at seamlessly inducting contract employees or onboarding freelancers into a company. Activities include but aren’t limited to drafting a contract agreement, training, offering tools etc.

WorkBright’s digital onboarding solution removes the headache of new hire paperwork and gets employees ready to work BEFORE their first day. First, you’ll need to explain your expectations for the contractor in writing. This should include a description of the project they are working on, the deliverables they will need to complete, and their responsibilities.

If anything is unclear about the project, this is the time to address it. Because the last thing you want is to get halfway through the project only to find out there was some miscommunication about the scope of the project. Contract agreement that stipulates a period of employment, work hours etc. If you believe Wordfence should be allowing you access to this site, please let them know using the steps below so they can investigate why this is happening. Formally evaluate performance to determine completion of probationary period.

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