Automatic Garage Door

Is the automatic garage door safe?

Most homeowners close the overhead garage door and assume that they need locked out bad guys.

And they’re mostly correct. A garage door that’s connected to an opener is pretty safe.

Every garage door opener has an emergency release that disconnects the door from the opener.

Without it, you can’t be ready to open the door when the opener is on the fritz.

An automatic door closer provides you with more security since it closes the door whether you’re home or not.

Installation needs some simple low-voltage wiring and takes but an hour. To find one, you’ll search online for an automatic garage door closer.

cheap garage door repair service

What are good ways to find a Good and Cheap Garage Door Repair Service?

Proper maintenance extends the lifespan of your garage door and stops future problems. So, when you finding a professional garage door service provider you will see a lot of company options in our market. but choosing the best one is quite tough. So, when you hire a company you need to check some points for the best services. like:

1. Professional and Trained Technicians

2. Their Customer Reviews

3. Use Latest Technology Instrument and Tools

4. Reliable Visiting Charges

5. Check the History of their Company

Seek Expert Repair Services:

The company needs to have credentials, reputation, and experience of garage works. You cannot give your garage door to inexperienced people. It’s good that you invest in a reliable and reputed company.

Consider the Weather Conditions:

Bad weather conditions might affect or spoil your garage door if you don’t consider the climate that mostly affects your area. Different materials used to make garage doors can either resist or become prone to any bad conditions If there is Enough Space: Before selecting a garage door, you need to take into account the available space you have. The doors open in different styles like; tilt-ups, sectionals, and roll-up styles. Each door style occupies a different amount of space when opened and closed. Depending on the size of your garage, you can choose which style best suits it.

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Repair Garage Door

Is it safe to repair the Garage Goor yourself?

Any job is ‘safe’ for you to do if you know the proper way to do it and also possess the required tools and equipment, not to mention the common sense to stop what you’re doing if “something doesn’t seem right.”

It is not safe to repair the garage door yourself always. You may repair small things on your own. It is better to use some professional garage door repair services like us. It will not only help you to repair your garage door but also you can avoid the mishaps that may occur due to a faulty garage door.

If you try to fix the garage door yourself, you may end up causing another problem or making your situation even worse by doing the wrong thing.

In this case, it is safer to hire a professional. If you do not have the knowledge or the necessary expertise, odds are that you will cause more damage instead of fixing the problem.

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When it comes to making garage door repairs, it is safer to hire a professional like us. Not only will it save hours of your time, but you can also rest assured that the work will be done well.


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types of garage doors

What are the types of Garage door?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to garage doors. To use this to your advantage, take the time and get to know what options are available to you. you’ll see garage doors that slide to the side or roll-up swing up, swing-out.

There are different quality type garage doors there are electric garage door, sensor garage door, manual doors, etc. Size, shape, and overall functionality. Different types of doors are used for different types of buildings and different types of floor plans.

Sectional Garage Doors

This type of garage door is made up of large no of horizontal panels drawn together by hinges. Installed with rollers usually rolling up, it then moves through two tracks parallel to each other to open. While sectional garage doors follow construction and mode of operation, they can come in a range of styles and designs to complement the rest of your home and complete your needs.

Swinging Carriage-House Garage Doors

they are Also called swing-style doors, these garage doors operate very much like French doors, supported by jambs on multiple hinges. They are often made of wood or composite material, imparting the same elegant vibe that wooden entry doors are well-known for.

Tilt-Up Garage Doors

Tilt-up doors function a pivoting hinge mechanism. This allows the door to slid upward and be lifted as a whole and into the ceiling of a garage to be kept out of the way. There are also variations in tilt-up doors you might want to take into consideration. These include retractable designs (which operates like a canopy door but fully retracts into the garage’s ceiling) and canopy styles (where a portion of the door, usually the bottom, goes beyond the garage).


What is the essential must for Garage Door Repairs?

Garage door repair can be a time-consuming exercise which will not only cause a lot of headache and inconvenience but would also cost you money. In times when we hardly have any time to stand and stare, it is only natural to miss out on minor things on a daily basis until the problem surmounts to a grave issue. If problems are overlooked and you do not perform a garage door repair at the right time then there can be safety issues as well. People have become innovative with their garage doors, overhead ones and electric garage doors are also common. It is essential to maintain your garage door on an ongoing basis.

Here are some tips that would help you to maintain your garage door and tracks and also carry out some minor garage door repair.

  • A very common perception is that if the garage door is having a problem then it ought to be owing to the opener. This is not always true. There may be some errors or problems with the garage door itself. It is essential to look beyond the opener and obvious perceptions to first understand if you have some garage door repair to do.
  • Lubricating the tracks, the bolts and checking out the entire structure of your garage door once every two days or at least twice a week is a good way to maintain your garage door.
  • It is always better to try and avoid garage door repair and to do so one must regularly and dedicatedly attend to every aspect of the system. One must cleanse the tracks to clean them of dirt. This must be done by using recommended lubricants and not those that would rather hold on to dirt and grime than cleansing them. Tracks often get misaligned and the screws and bolts may loosen up with use. Wear and tear is always common with anything. You must meticulously fix the alignment of the tracks and tighten the screws and the bolts as and when required.
  • There may be times when the requirement of a garage door repair specialist becomes unavoidable. Some tasks may be difficult for you to carry out and would call for expertise. In such cases, you must not delay the garage door repair since that may escalate the problem to an altogether different level.

Maintaining the garage door or performing regular garage door repair is always a wise way to avoid bigger problems.

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Why spings are needed to garage doors

Why does a Garage Door need Springs?

Why does a garage door need springs?

The springs are wound up to assist in lifting the weight of the door.

If you add lots of insulation to your garage door, it will cause the door to be heavier and the springs had to be tightened up with more turns. Well, when the weight was removed, the door would not stay closed.

Countless people have been KILLED trying to work on springs on garage doors.

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garage door springs
garage door springs

You can watch the guy the whole time and ask questions, you will think you could do the job, but you do not want to be that guy when the springs pop loose.

The springs are used to assist the garage door in lifting up the door. Without the springs the garage door opener would need to be stronger and the substructure holding it wound need to be seriously strengthened to support it while it is in use. With things like the springs and a lower-powered garage door opener it makes it cheaper and easier to own, maintain and install a garage door opener is almost any garage.

Because a garage door is very heavy. You would probably not be able to lift it without the help of the springs. The springs act somewhat like a counterweight, applying force to the garage door, which reduces the amount of force needed to open the door.

The springs also help to keep the garage door from crashing down with excessive speed and force, which is likely if there were no springs to apply force in the opposite direction.

what are commercial garage doors

What are Commercial Garage Doors?

Commercial type garage doors are mainly used for the commercial type buildings, like offices, warehouses, etc.

Commercial doors should look good but mainly it should perform well. So, it should be more reliable and could be used on a long term basis.

Basically, these doors are different from the residential garage doors as they are made from wood, fibreglass, galvanized aluminium or steel.

But commercial garage doors are only made from galvanized aluminium or steel.

what are commercial garage doors
what are commercial garage doors

Now, you’ll be thinking how wide is a commercial garage door? As the Commercial business requires taller doors to unloading and loading of the supplies, these doors are a bit taller in size.

Many companies only just larger the size of the residential doors and call them as commercial garage doors.

Keep in mind that always go for a good company like Xpress Doors as commercial business need safe doors. 

Commercial garage doors are used regularly nowadays in almost every place. Like, office basement parking may have one or maybe your parking lot has dedicated garage space with doors. There are lots of benefits of commercial garage doors. like

  1. Sensor and remote controller Operations
  2. Pin and fingerprint codes
  3. More safety
  4. Short and the long-term

A Commercial garage door is a high performance off in front of an industrial garage that operates by remote control. There are various benefits of installing a garage door such as efficiency and security for the industry.

Some of the most popular types of commercial garage doors that you can choose from include;

  • Electric Garage Doors
  • Roll-Up Garage Doors
  • Sectional Garage Doors
  • Up & Over Garage Doors
lost garage door opener remotee

What are the options if you lost the Remote Control to your Garage Door?

If you have lost or misplaced your garage door remote, you can buy a universal garage door opener. Having 2 or 3 different garage door remotes is a good idea in case you misplace one or if a battery needs replaced. If you happen to only have one garage door remote and it can’t be found, getting a new one is easy. Ordering one online and having it delivered THAT SAME DAY or the next day is possible and you can also contact any Garage Door Company and they can provide it to you. Below we will show you how to get a universal garage door remote as fast as possible.

lost garage door opener remote
lost garage door opener remote

lost garage door remote?

You could order the exact same remote you had before. You just may have to program it to work with your specific garage door opener. Look at the name of the garage door opener and see if it is a Genie, Liftmaster, Stanley, Multicode, Allstar, Carper, Skylink, Sears Craftsman, or other. Once you have the name of your garage door opener you can find the exact remote for it.

The expensive easiest reliable option:

Call a Door Technician (Call Xpress Door) he will charge you for a new one and will most likely come to you and program it for


The other option (only if you know how to program it!):

buy one on amazon/ebay etc and can program it yourself, some come with instructions or online there is plenty of how to videos.